What It’s Really Like to be a Woman in Hollywood

Courtney Jines is an activist, actress, feminist, filmmaker…the list goes on. But this Sundance Ignite Fellow is refusing to fit into the boundaries Hollywood set for her. I started making movies when I was very young. As soon as I got my hands on my parents’ video camera, I was pointing it at my family. Forcing them to star in fake musicals, fake commercials, and news programs – the original fake news, if you will. I was before my time. And I was always the director. At a certain point, somewhere around 14, it stopped being fun. My brother and […]

#CreativeImpact | Q&A with Animator Maya Penn

Maya Penn is a 17-year-old designer, animator, illustrator, and girl-wonder who is using her work to inspire a better world. We spoke to her about her creative process, role models, inspiration, and her new environmentally-driven animated series, “The Pollinators.” What led you to become an animator? Why animation, and how did you get started? Animation has always been my favorite form of storytelling. I’ve always loved animated shows and films – every time I finished watching an animated movie, I immediately wanted to know how it went from concept to final film. I watched every behind-the-scenes interview that I could […]

5 Poets You Need to Follow Right Now

These amazing artists are changing the poetry game. There’s something magical about poetry. A great poet can summarize our hearts so well that their message seems to tap directly into our collective consciousness. It flows into our souls and serves out the dose of chills we all sometimes need to remind us that we can make a difference. These five incredible poets are speaking out about issues that matter and using their words to make an impact. Follow them and get inspired. 1. Aleah Bradshaw – @aleahsbradshaw Aleah is a 20 year-old poet turned leader for poetry non-profit, Youth Speaks, […]

4 Emerging Filmmakers Who #ShatterStereotypes

These inspiring artists are using their powerful films to break barriers and challenge bias. Film is a powerful empathy generator – the right story can transport the viewer from their world into the life of another, changing perspectives by humanizing issues and people we would’ve never otherwise been close to. We witnessed this firsthand at Sundance, where the winners of the Project 1324 + Sundance Ignite “What’s Next” challenge screened their impact-driven short films. From topics of culture and class to relationships and heartbreak, these five filmmakers told stories that shattered stereotypes by bringing to life the people and places […]

#CreativeImpact | Q&A with Game Designer Jessy Jo Gomez

Jessy Jo Gomez is a 23-year-old coder, game designer, and teacher who is sharing her passion with students in her community. She spoke to us about what led her to become a game design teacher, how she makes time for her own art, and advice she wishes she’d been given sooner. You work as a game designer and a game design teacher. How did you get started in the field? As early back as I can remember, I have been playing video games. I never felt like I fit in, and had a hard time with self-acceptance, but video games […]

Women Are Taking Back Tech – First Stop: VR

Women in VR didn’t bother shattering glass ceilings; they built a world with no roofs. Female VR artists are dominating the industry, and making one giant leap for womankind by setting the tone for the field before the technology is even fully developed. It’s no secret that the tech industry is largely male-dominated. We have made progress, but the divide is still there. There are so many career paths laid out for women, but in a world where maps haven’t been drawn, that’s all changing. Virtual reality is so new that there are no rules. There are no patterns, habits, […]