These Artists Used Instagram to Prove Collaboration Has No Bounds

From the Middle East to the American South: Zeina, 19, and Merrick, 24, collaborated across continents to share a story of the need and the hope of Syria. But this story is bigger than their work. Think back to last time you created something. Did you write/paint/plan/build in a vacuum, separated from the opinion of your friends and peers? Of course you didn’t. Because you’re an artist. If ever there was a community who respected the power of collaboration most, it would be artists: creators and conceptors who understand that true innovation comes from shared hope and ideals. But that […]

Announcing the 2017 Sundance Ignite Short Film Challenge

For the third consecutive year, Sundance Institute and Adobe Project 1324 are teaming up to find the next 15 Sundance Ignite Fellows — emerging filmmakers who are creating stories that bring their passion, voice, and perspective to life. We’re asking filmmakers to submit a one-to-eight–minute short that shows us “What stories ignite you” and demonstrates the power of film to ignite creativity, passion, and impact. The yearlong Sundance Ignite Fellowship is open to 18-to-24-year-old emerging documentary and narrative filmmakers. It kicks off with a free trip to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where fellows will be […]

Finn Harries on Owning Your Impact

We all have a responsibility to rise to the challenges that have been put before us. When it comes to protecting planet earth it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, what gender or sexual orientation you are or religion you believe in. This is a problem that affects every single one of us – It is a common thread that unites us all. It seems odd to have a specific day in the calendar where we appreciate the planet we live on, however we can get so wrapped up in the nuances of our everyday lives that events like these […]

Bringing Climate Change Statistics to Life

Impressive is an understatement when describing Jill Pelto. An artist, scientist, and climate activist, Jill travels to remote locations collecting data about climate change and turns her research into paintings, using the power of art to change minds. Art has the power to transform the way people think and behave: it can both change one’s understanding of climate data and spur sustainable behavior. It is a vehicle for changing perception in a way that other mediums cannot. Climate change is still a troublingly common topic of debate, rather than an issue that we are collectively taking actions toward ending. Overwhelmed […]

How to Create a Film When the Odds are Stacked Against You

Reaffirmed conviction for the importance of creative expression is contagious. As a filmmaker, the volume of yet-to-be-visualized issues can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel like there are more closed doors than open ones. But all of your hard work is not in vain: film can influence scores of people who wouldn’t have otherwise taken action. With a society committed to change and progress, we can share the feeling an artful film gives us until everyone’s world shines a little brighter. These five filmmakers have faced their fair share of creative challenges and come out the other side as […]

Climate Action: 5 Ways You Can Put Your Creativity to Use for Earth Month

Now is the time to take a stand – as an artist, you have the power of influence. The earth needs artists. It needs voices of all kinds from poets and painters to rappers, sculptors, photographers, and innovators – reaching to their creative core to express an issue that defines us collectively. While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the changes needed to halt climate change, it’s the responsibility of creators to make art that puts the consequences of our choices into perspective. With bold creative choices and work that implores people to take action, we can make this the […]