Meet the Five Artists Changing the Way We Think About Issues

Success doesn’t mean you know what you want to do with your life. It’s knowing what kind of world you want to do it in. Knowing the artwork of the greats is important, but nothing is as inspiring as discovering the work of a peer who is trailblazing their way into future art history textbooks. From the favelas of Brazil, to the busied streets of Kolkata – these breakout artists are finding ways to tell their stories in order to generate empathy, and shift perspectives. They’re changing the perception of topics ranging from human rights to the environment, but the […]

4 Refugee Artists Reframing Their Narrative

Uprooting your life is a challenging concept in any form, and to do so when faced with danger and adversity is truly harrowing. But that’s not the story these artists are telling. These artists are reminding us that when confronted with chaos and tragedy, art goes on. The need for creative expression greater than ever, they are using their creativity to tell the stories that remind us there is progress to be made. Check out their work, and get inspired. 1. Mohammed Al-Amari, Syria “Exile From One’s Country” by Mohammed Al-Amari Mohammed’s work focuses on the frustrating limbo that many refugees […]

“Labels are irrelevant” How Character Design is Battling Judgement from a New Angle

Nathan Richards, 21, is an Australian illustrator using character design to break down barriers and prove that there’s beauty in everyone. I came out only a year ago as a queer. When I did, I realized how afraid I had been to be my true self. Now, as an artist, I feel like it’s my responsibility to inform people. I use character design to dismiss the stigma and discrimination towards homosexuality. I want to depict humans as humans. I want to spread positivity. I don’t want to be stigmatized. No one should. We all share love. Labels are irrelevant. Through […]

Sustainable Design: Finnegan Harries on Reconnecting with Nature in NYC

Three weeks ago, I spent seven days traveling through two national parks with an old friend. Both Banff and Jasper National Park offer breathtaking views of verdant valleys guarded by snow capped mountains and dotted with impossibly blue lakes. The experience was a stark contrast to the city that I currently call home. Although New York is an extraordinary place, the lack of green space and biodiversity takes its toll on those who live there. Too much time in the day-to-day grind of New York can lead to feelings of claustrophobia. It is for this reason that it has earned […]

Must Watch: A Powerful Film About Everyday Racism

To be young means to spend your days with friends, hanging out and planning summer trips abroad – or so many believe. This romanticized perception of youth was given a wake-up call by Kevin Brooks’s short film, Myles. The film follows a teen named Myles to the skatepark where he listens to his friends talk about their European travel plans while he shares simpler dreams of escaping his neighborhood. The race-generated contrasts are subtle but palpable, until the realities of race and identity set in and the day turns dark. Subtle hints at the experience of many people of color […]

5 Tips on Creating Powerful Films from a Sundance Award Winner

Jeff Orlowski shares insights on creating cause-driven art, and the advice he wishes he’d gotten as an emerging filmmaker. Jeff Orlowski is a Sundance Ignite Mentor and Director of award-winning films Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral. The films capture the devastating decay of our planet’s glaciers and coral reefs, lending powerful visuals to a reality many are not prepared to accept. He spoke to us about his creative process, and shared advice for filmmakers creating towards a cause: 1. Accept responsibility. We have to get the stories out there. We have to let people know what’s going on. For me, […]